Know_Your_Rights_ImageThere are numerous medical and non-harmful alternatives to psychiatric diagnoses and psychiatric drugs, including standard medical care that does not require a subjective psychiatric label or mind-altering psychiatric drugs.

Prescription drug addiction is the fastest growing drug problem in the U.S., and with 1 in 5 Adult Americans currently taking some form of psychiatric drug, and the addictive nature of these drugs, this page is for those looking for safe withdrawal or alternatives to psychiatric drugs. Although CCHR does not condone or promote any specific practitioner, medical organization, practice or group, we have found the below resources to be helpful for individuals looking for more information on the following topics: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Programs, Alternative Medical Non-Drug Treatment Programs, Non-drug alternatives for children, Alternative non-drug treatments for those diagnosed “schizophrenic”, legal resources and more.

Information About Non-Drug Approaches to Mental Health and/or Safely Withdrawing from Psychiatric Drugs

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